David’s Favorite Holiday Decorating Accent: Lucid Liquid Candles!

When Galina and I were selecting merchandise for this Holiday/Winter season, one of the most exciting new finds for David J. Witchell Home was Lucid Liquid Candles! With a deep history as a decorative furnishing manufacturer dating back to the 1800’s, Lucid is a family-owned company that has been making their iconic liquid candle for three decades spanning across 40,000 churches worldwide.

 With these candles, everyone can enjoy the warm, unmistakable glow of a real flame without worrying about messy wax or soot drips and stains. The technology behind these candles includes a central reservoir for Lucid Liquid paraffin with a removable top containing a fiberglass wick that reaches into the reservoir and draws up the liquid. Only the liquid is burned, the candles never melt down!

During the holidays, I hate struggling with dinner candles that are too big or too small to fit my favorite candlesticks. I am relieved and thrilled that there will be no more carving, no sticky wax, and a beautifully crafted candle that will stay in its place and form! These amazing candles feature a universal adapter that fits securely into virtually any candlestick, allowing the elegant and romantic feel of a real candlelight at any time or place. Whether it be for your home or a unique gift idea this season, be sure to check out these fantastic candles for every room of your home!

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Happy Holidays from DJW!