Glowing Reviews

This unpredictable winter weather can just leave you feeling lethargic and dry  from head to toe.  Every winter my 13 year old daughter suffers from cracked, scabby and bleeding skin. David immediately sent me home over the weekend with a travel size vial of his Shaman Oil, and I was a bit skeptical. My daughter is always at the allergist with her severe eczema, food allergies and asthma, and has been battling severe skin problems for years, so another skin product left me feeling uncertain. I work hard at buying organic, natural and fragrance free products in my home and always worry about trying new products. My daughter tried the oil on her hands right after school Friday, and by Saturday morning she said her scabs were already feeling softer.  I was amazed she even felt it was worth telling me this, which indicated to me it must have actually done something noticeable.  Saturday night her school friend was sleeping over and they both had put the oil on their and legs and were raving about the feel of it. I later snuck some of the oil from my daughter’s room to try on my face and just loved how it felt. It didn’t feel greasy at all and, by Sunday evening my daughter asked me where the oil came from and if i could get her some more. Luckily I work with the man who created it and hopefully for now on I will never run out of one of David’s best kept secrets.


Now if essential oils are David’s magic bullet, then I think his new Shaman oil is the ultimate answer for anything. David’s newest body treatment is the 45 minute Shaman Glow that incorporates his special Shaman oil bend into an incredible full body treatment in the Vichy shower. I didn’t even know what a Vichy shower was before and now I know it is a different was of getting a warm misty like shower while laying down on a table.  The Shaman glow treatment is offered in our own private Vichy shower room,  developed with David’s exclusive Shaman oil and a proprietary blend of salts and other essential organic elements. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives used in this treatment. While comfortably relaxing in a warm, steam-filled space on a towel draped bed, your therapist will gently exfoliate you from your feet to your head. During this treatment, you will be washed completely by a multitude of shower heads from above. Once completed, you can finish this treatment you can add on for an additional charge ($20) a glowing tan that will leave you looking sun kissed and golden. Your skin will feel soft, supple and hydrated for days to follow. Stay in the room and add on a massage of your choice for an extraordinary and one of a kind experience! It’s so perfect during this harsh winter weather. I just love this treatment and can’t tell enough people about it. We can’t seem to keep Shaman Oil on the shelves long enough, so I think customers are starting to catch on to this new local health and beauty craze.