Our Story

"In 1994 when Galina and I were searching for a location to build a dream, we imagined a

place like Newtown. When we found 25 South State Street, we knew we were home. This

was the place where we would change the course of our future and shape the lives of our

employees and clients for years to come.

-David Witchell, Co-Owner of DJW

David and Galina Witchell opened David J. Witchell at 25 South over 20 years go. They

started with seven eager new employees who became the founding members of the DJW

company. With an incredible amount of hard work and dedication. the Salon grew to

become the center of a growing business.

"We are deeply embedded in the community we love."

Today DJW houses over 160 employees, each grown from within and trained personally

by David & Galina. They have four locations on S. State St with a total of 22,000 square

feet. There are three women's clothing boutiques - The Mezzanine, 25 South Denim, and

Essentials, each with its individual merchandise selection.

In 2016 we opened the new DJW Salon & Spa in Peddler's Village

with two new boutiques, 25 South and 25 South Luxe at Peddler's Village,

 which adds another 11,000 square feet.


We are individuals growing through self-awareness, becoming a family of creative, caring professionals. In our luxurious and comfortable surroundings, we are continually striving to improve the perception of our industry through unrivaled, incomparable, perfection in artistry. Our goal is to cultivate a new awareness of total well being through mass media to promote a cultural paradigm shift.


Through our gentle and genuine attitudes, we have the desire to share the truth and pride in our artistry. With mutual respect, teamwork and constant sharing, we have chosen to take responsibility for our destiny. With professional, artistic, and educated minds, we will constantly strive to be our personal best in all facets of beauty, body, and mind. We will enhance our distinctive creativity through self-awareness, pride and dedication. Welcome Home to a completely new experience.