We appreciate all feedback and reflections from customers. Hearing from clients about a good or less than favorable experience, and taking action to modify our practices accordingly is a vital part of making David J. Witchell the best it can be.

If you would like to express a concern or have any feedback you would like to send our way, please email us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

That being said, we also LOVE to hear about it if you enjoyed your shopping and/or salon experience at DJW! Below are a few testimonials from enthusiastic clients.

Every service I have ever received at David J Witchell has been superb. You will not regret trying this place. I have taken my Mom and boyfriend there as well and they have loved it as much. I have tried other "top" spas in Philly and suburbs but none compare. I always ask myself why waste my money elsewhere. 

There are a few things that set this spa apart from others. First, it is small and truly luxurious. You forget that there is outside world. The people who work there are very polite and do not overwhelm you. It's all about the client's comfort. The services are excellent. I recommend Alex and Bernie for massages. The complimentary steam shower after a massage is the perfect final touch.

- Heidi L. on Yelp

The boutique carries not only high designer clothing but an array of beautiful customized dresses. They carry two of my favorites, Ema Savahl and Mandalay which is difficult to find anywhere else in the area (except online). The boutique has customized dresses for me every year, ranging from my prom dress to dresses for black ties/fundraisers. Galina (the seamstress) is amazing and has literally worked miracles on dresses for me. Last year she was able to totally redo I dress I found in the boutique simply based off me describing how I wanted it to her. Even simple alterations are painless and quick! 

Great service and definitely the place to go for upscale/customized dresses!

- Colleen N. on Yelp

Jason is amazing. I got a full foil and the best cut I've ever had. While the salon is very busy, I was done in less time than at other salons.  I definitely recommend to anyone looking for a truly great experience.

-Julie A on Yelp

Every nook and cranny of this place has something cool to sell and is the ultimate stop for any occasion gift.

-Berneta A. on Yelp