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Make Up

Cheryl Stuart and her team redefine beauty and infuse an enchanting glow to every face that visits their counter.

Services that range from special occasion makeup to an in-depth lesson allow for your every beauty need to be met. A full line of the highest quality cosmetics and brushes are available for purchase. Winner of Best of Philly 2012 for “Best Brows”, Cheryl Stuart and her team will expertly sculpt your brows to suit your style, and complete any look.

Always welcoming, always informative, and forever changing. Keep your eyes on Cheryl Stuart. Cheryl Stuart Gift Certificates and Brow Savings Cards available at the Cheryl Stuart Makeup counter. Cheryl Stuart Makeup Artistry and Brow Sculpting Best of Philly 2012 for “Best Brows”

DJW Face 365 - Cosmetic Line & Counter at Peddler's Village

Peddler’s Village is the birthplace to DJW FACE 365. A brand of cosmetics born from wanderlust and inspired by travel. In full bloom, makeup creates illusion and fantasy but at the center is a desire to travel to places that you have been or long to experience. The spirit of our brand is a place or time in the past, present or future. Take a journey with us to places just around the corner, to distant lands or moments in time. Each day of the year enjoy elements made by, optical wonders created in, or structures built from mother nature. There is nothing better than feeling at home in your own skin 365 days of the year. Welcome home to DJW Face 365.

* For consumer safety, makeup and skincare products are not returnable once purchased at any of our locations.


Monday  9 am - 7 pm

Tuesday to Friday  9 am - 9 pm

Saturday & Sunday  9 am - 6 pm