Staff Profile



I have a real passion for hair. I love making people look good. I am truly into all aspects of fashion and keeping up with the latest trends!  I graduated from Empire Beauty School in 2004 where I received a Precision Hair Cutting Award. I then trained with Michael Basta from Philadelphia where he taught me the tools I needed to be a successful stylist. I continued my journey where I was extensively trained in the art of blow-drying and Styling hair. I'm also trained in Coldwell and Wella hair Color. I am trained in Keratin treatments, and I definitely consider myself to be a classy yet edgy hairstylist.

I like to push people a little out of their comfort zone if I need to in order to make them look amazing! I specialize in helping sick people with their hair needs in the art of making wigs and hair extensions. I'm certified in Great Length and in Babes.  Coming from someone who was sick herself at one time I know how Important hair is!  

About Me:
I am married to a Bucks County Deputy Sheriff for 14 years.  We have 5 beautiful children. One is in the United States army  and one is attending Cairne University.  Two are in high school and our youngest our only girl is in 5th grade.  We have a dog named Jax and he has a wonderful crazy life! Some well-known hair stylists that I look up to are Guy Tang, Ted Gibson, Jonathan Antin and Mounir.