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DJW Face 365 Makeup Artist

What inspired me to become a skincare specialist and makeup artist came from my Native American heritage. As in many cultures, use of colors to paint the face possess varied meaning from rites of passage, coming of age, social status, matrimony, war and spiritual healing as well as social position and trade. Surrounding myself with diverse colors and different palettes ignites and elevates my creativity to a new level.

My craft requires great compassion for helping people feel and see their own natural beauty. I fell in love with helping people perfect their skin and enhance their features so they feel truly beauty - inside and out.

The Beauty Institute
COA Cosmetics
Beauty Addicts

Favorite Products:
Face 365 Indra Wash & Indra Mist, Face 365 Custom Blend Foundation, Face 365 Lipstick: Minnewater 9/13

Hobbies & Interests:
Fashion, Athletics (Softball, Basketball, Field Hockey), Baking, Nature Walks, Animals