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Spa Massage Therapist

Being an athlete, I was not ready for the plethora of benefits I was about to experience as I worked through my soccer season. The best I have ever felt physically in my life was when I was getting massages by my peers for 10 months straight. The mental release each session gives you is indescribable, except for the cliche, “feels like you’re on a cloud”. Now all of that is all well and good, but something really special got this locked into being a legitimate passion of mine. Uncle Mike is what my school referred to him as ... He was the nicest man and very easy to talk to. He had been going to the Student Clinic for years, helping cope with being a quadriplegic. Astonishingly enough, with countless sessions of acupuncture, physical therapy, and our very own amateur massages, Uncle Mike was not only able to feel, I personally witnessed him walk. With his brother stabilizing his hips, and using a walker he was actually able to walk, something that is not supposed to happen. I will never forget him, the honor of working on him thrice, and the miracles that massage therapy and other forms of bodywork can do to the human body.

Licensed Massage Therapist in PA and NJ.
Continuing Education in Sports Massage, before and after events
Continuing Education in the art of Deep Tissue and recovery
David J. Witchell trained in Hot Stone and Hot Bamboo