Staff Profile

Debra Troy

Board Certified Reflexologist

Debra is an ARCB Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist and is the creator of Reflexology Therapeutics, ( R.T.,) holistic Reflexology for body, mind and “sole.”
  Debra's Reflexology Training Education:
    Debra began her Foot Reflexology education in 1983 at Rosemont Colleges Holistic Health Certification Program with Sr. Mary Em McGlone and was certified by Sr. McGlone in 1983.
Over the past 30 years Debra has studied numerous Reflexology techniques and has practiced and taught Reflexology, both privately and at Health Choices School for the Healing Arts.
Some of the techniques Debra has studied include:
 1.) Soko Rikoh, (which means "Soles of Shining Feet,) Japanese Reflexology with the reigning 35    year master of this technique, Master Ishida San, from Japan,
 2.) Face, Hand and Foot Reflexology with Dwight Byers
 3.) Facial Reflex Therapy for Hormonal Imbalances with creator, Lone Sorenson
 4.) Facial Reflex Therapy Trainings 1-4 with Lynn Diehl.
In addition, Debra became Nationally Board Certified with the ARCB, the National Certifying Body for Reflexologists in the United States, in 2000.

Debra is also a professionally trained NGH Hypnotherapist, in practice since 1988. She incorporates personalized hypnotic visualizations at the beginning and end of each Deluxe Reflexology Therapeutics Treatment. to create deep relaxation and reinforce positive states of being, individualized for each client.

DJW Shaman 365 for face and body
DJW Indra 365 Mist for face and body
DJW High Mountain Shaman for pain management
I delight in the palpable shifts I witness in my client's energy after having a treatment with me. After 35 years in practice it still excites me to see what a professional Reflexology Treatment can do to de stress and re energize my clients!
I also take pleasure in my clients surprise, when they say something like "I can't believe that just working on my feet, can effect my entire body's functioning, my mood and my energy! This pulls the plug on stress in ways I never could have imagined!"