Staff Profile


Massage Therapist

Kimberly is a Pennsylvania licensed massage
therapist with over 13 years experience in soft tissue manipulation for
relaxation, injury prevention and rehabilitation and to enhance sports
performance. She is also certified in infant massage and the application and
instruction of prenatal and postnatal massage. In addition to massage therapy,
Kimberly is a certified health and wellness coach with a specialty in
complimentary and alternative medicine. 

Kimberly specializes in a customized integrated massage that
incorporates a number of massage modalities including shiatsu, Swedish, deep
tissue and sports massage techniques for the  purpose of relaxation and
the treatment of acute and chronic soft tissue issues.  Kimberly is also
certified in Lomi Lomi and Tai massage. 



Rutgers University

Graduate Certification, Health and Wellness Coaching

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine



Health Choices Holistic Massage School

Licensed Massage Therapist