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Joined Staff in 2009

I most enjoy doing soft natural looking color. Using subtle changes that make a big difference. I feel the same way about cutting. I like paying attention to the finer details that aren't noticeable to the untrained eye but make a big difference to the overall style.
I take great pride in the subtle changes that create a dramatic impact on my clients. When they feel great about the way they look, I am deeply satisfied. My strongest skills are cutting, men's cuts, blow drying, and color.

I'm inspired by world culture, especially the places I have traveled to and would like to travel to. I find inspiration and beauty in the simplicity of sea spray formed by ocean waves or the complexion of intricate woven details of braided updos in past European royalty. These beautiful things invigorate me and inspire me to bring out that beauty in others.

My hobbies include traveling, cooking, singing, painting, playing softball, playing piano, exercising, wine/chef tastings, and shopping.

Favorite Products:
  •  Kerastase Nutri Thermique - This product is perfect for protecting hair from heat while styling. It has a smooth texture and leaves the hair smelling fresh and soft.
  • Kerastase Elixir - This is such a universal product. It works great with all hair types for before and after styling and it's fluid consistency makes it easy to work with.
  • Sebastian Mousse Forte - I love this product for all my glamour blow dries. It not only contributes to the volume you're looking for, but gives great control to add wave and bounce carried down to the ends of your hair for a style that could potentially last for days.

Role Models:
Role Models that I look up to are Heidi Klum, Ali Larter, Charlize Theron, Michelle Pfiefer, Mark Walberg, David Beckam, Leo DiCaprio, Gerard Butler, Zooey Dechanel, Evangeline Lilly, Lea Michele, Ilsa Fisher, Kate Winslet.

  •  Bucks County Technical School
  •  Bucks County School of Beauty Culture
  •  Certified in The Keratin Conditioning Treatment
  •  Trained in Dressed and Formal Design
  •  Trained in The Balayage Technique and with L'Oreal Professional
  •   Certified in Sam Villa Cutting Class

Mackenzie is an artist, not just a hair stylist. I get so many people giving me thumbs up on my cut. I take classes at Bucks County Community College, when I walked into the room the first time after my hair cut I received an applause!

-janicew , Langhorne, PA 

"For such a young girl, Mackenzie is mature beyond her years! The hour flies by because we solve the problems of the world together while she cuts and colors my hair. All of my friends use her and we all love her. DJW, don't you ever let her go!!!"

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